I hope you had a great start to the year. Happy twenty eighteen! #2018.

While on a lunch with a friend, I realized that a lot of the ideas that I shared in the last thirty one weeks, were the Internet businesses. I am a bit skeptical as to share this idea. But anyway, here I go.

When I travel, the moments that I cherish the most are the ones when I am eating in a new setting. occasionally, I take out my phone and would take a picture. In a time, when we are running all the time, the few minutes of halting and eating makes us pause and reflect. Be it introspection or a business deal or a regular conversation, the place where we are having that has a affect on it.

Then, why the places to eat have to be boring like they are right now?

Themed Places To Eat

There could be a business that has a chain of cafes/restaurants, each of them with a different theme. And I am not just talking about the wallpaper and the decoration, I am talking of every little detail. For example, there could be a theme called "Food Heaven" where the chairs are in the shape of burgers, and every time you sit on them, ketchup drips from the sides.

Another example, what about horror themed place? The waiter would come crawling under the table to take your order.

If it's horror, you must be scared. If it's beach, you must be relaxed. If it's comedy, you must laugh out loud reading the menu.

Can we have a New York themed place in Amsterdam? An Amsterdam themed place in Dubai? And a Dubai themed place in New Delhi?

Be so good that people travel across the world to be at every themed restaurant in your chain.

What do you think?

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