I was actively working out for last few years but the year 2017 was different. As this year dawned, it brought a lot of business travel with itself. In fact, I am writing this very edition from my hotel room in a city away from my home.

With this much travel, my workout schedule was thrown under the bus. I couldn't work out as regularly as I used to this entire year - and that sucks! I have gained weight, I have lost my stamina and strength has suffered too.

I wish I could workout while traveling.

Fitness Passport

I wish there existed a passport for fitness that I could use to work out in any city throughout the world. It would be a monthly subscription that would give me thirty days of workout in the city I am in.

As a user, I would expect the quality to be very similar across the gyms and clubs. If there existed something like this, I would have bought a multi-year subscription right away.

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